Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"LED BY FIRE" Gulf Latin Youth Convention Nov. 27-29, 2008 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention San Antonio, TX Special Speakers: Rev. Samuel Rodriquez, Dwain Jones, & Melissa Alfaro (JAM Ministries). Worship by Face to Face, concert by Revoluzion & Hawk Nelson.

GLAD YOUTH CONVENTION Recap - by George Carballo

So this weekend is what many have been waiting for. Pastors, Youth Pastors, Leaders, and Students have been praying for this momentous occasion to be "Led By Fire." It was not only the theme for the event, but it will be the theme for young people who will be returning to their schools, churches, and communities. The Holy Spirit will guide and direct students to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Over 7,000 students and leaders joined together from several states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas anticipating a collision course with a genuine move of the Holy Spirit. GLAD Youth Convention was held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. Our special guests for this weekend were Sammy Rodriguez, Dwain Jones, and Melissa Alfaro, along with musical guests Revoluzion Estereo and Hawk Nelson. Worship was once again led by Face2Face.

On behalf of the Gulf Latin American District, we declare this convention a mighty move of God that is the catalyst to ignite an amazing revival all across the nation. We believe that being "Led by Fire" is not just one event but a continuous move of God's presence in an individual's life

Sat. Morn. Sermon Promo by Rev. Melissa Alfaro LED By Fire Youth Convention. Message: "Every Generation had a Spark" , "Toda Generacion Tuvo Su Llama". Bilingual Sermon, For more info. please contact us at: jam@jamministriesonline.org
For additional pictures provided by GLAD Youth Dept.
Convention Testimonies:
Blessings Sis Melissa. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for the dynamic message that was delivered to us on Saturday morning. It was of blessing to my life. I'm 22 years old my parents divorced when I was 7 another family member took over me and has raised me. I have felt the calling of God to lead worship and work with teenager, but there are something's that I believe have held me back from reaching my goal. One of them the person that raised me has stamp my life with different roles and I believe on Saturday I had to step up to the challenge and be led by fire not by smoke. Last night after a long trip home to Dumas TX 12 hr drive from San Antonio. I had to put a stop to everything and not allow the enemy to keep my life stamped. Thank you sister Alfaro for the blessings.
hey melissa =) i went to the convention this year and it was my first time. i knew i was gonna love it even more when i found out you were going to be one of the speakers cuz i had gone to the princess conference thing earlier this year. =) i came out in some pictures that krissy took. lol (i think that's her name).during the convention, i actually lost my voice for a day straight but i did raise my hand when you were asking for your princesses.your preaching was so interesting. i actually practiced some things you mentioned as soon as i got home.i stopped talking back to my parents. and they noticed it right away. its been since that day that i have not spoken or blurted out anything to my mom or dad when they are "lecturing me" instead i stay quiet and agree with them no matter how wrong i think they are. they haven't gotten used to me shutting up yet.lol but it wont take that long. thanx alot for everthing that you said there. i had a lot of fun. i hope i get to listen to more of your preachings soon.

Sister Melissa, I was part of the youth leaders that were there this past weekend at the Led By Fire youth convention in San Antonio, and I just wanted 2stop by to say thank you for letting the Lord use you in a mighty way 2 speak 2 not only the youth but us leaders as well! It was a spiritual check on all of us & it was great bcuz .......... they had never seen a woman PREACH like that! lol (i guess me preaching to them every wednesday & sunday doesnt count lol) but you're really an inspiration to young ministers like myself! I thank God for you & your husband & the ministry he's placed n both of your hands! God Bless You!

Hey GOD BLESS u well i just want 2 tell u that u are a women of GOD i am happy for ur ministry and i loved how u preached at convention congrats and may GOD give u strength woman of GOD..
This is megan i went to convention 4 the first time.... i was really x-cited i had so much fun it was so amazing i received a lot...... but i received SO MMUCH WEN YOU HAD PREaCHED IT WAS AMAZING....... I CHANGED MY LIFE AROUND IT WAS AMAZING NOW I LOOK UP TO YOU...... YOU INSPIRED ME SO MUCH..... AND I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU VERY MUCH.......
im a youth minister and some of the young girls from my church have gone to see you, and they loved the services!
Turning on the light is exactly what im hoping our youth group will do for our neighboring towns....we live about an hour from san antonio down here in sabinal, so im hoping that our youth group will grow by next years youth convention....oh and by the way i saw you at youth convetion, and i really just want to say that you touched my heart....now whenever someone calls me a name or gives me a "label" i tell them say wat u want but ur labels arent gonna stick on me anymore, and then they look at me like im krazy but yea its all good.....oh kay,...bye..
Dear Melissa,The 2008 GLAD convention was a blessing. Your preaching was very impacting to many of our youth, our young girls at our church, really loved your preaching, and want to go to your princess conferences. Can you please give me any information on your next conferences, I spoke with our youth director and he has agreed to allow me to take our young girls to your conferences.Many of our girls have started the Spark!! thank you and may God keep using you and blessing your ministry.