Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JAM Ministries "No More Dead Lions" Men's Fellowship "Men of Steel" Men's Conference DVD Videos Now Available
Men's Conference 2008 DVD Promo
Men of Steel 2008 Men's Conference DVD Video Set Now Available $20. Conference Host: Rev. Jay Alfaro
(Jam Ministries) Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeff Magruder (Pastor Aboundant Life- Grand Prairie, TX) Psalmist: Tad Ruiz, Sessions Speakers: Pastor Aaron Antillon, Rev. Jesse Green. Over 6 hrs of Video, Real Men, Real Issues, Real Solutions. For more info.
Men of Steel 2008 Men's Conference Radisson Hotel F.T. Worth,TX. This years Men’s Conference was explosive. Over a hundred men came together to worship and enjoy a weekend of God’s Presence. Men from Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, West Texas and all over the metroplex gathered together for this commemorative event. Our Keynote Speaker,Dr. Magruder opened up the conference with a message entitled, “Jesus Will Stand for You.” His message defined Jesus as man’s propitiation and atonement. Numerous men flooded the altars in search of a Savior, an attorney, a defense, and forgiveness. Dr. Magruder closed out the conference bringing forth a poignant and relevant word entitled, “Does Your Anger Control You, or Do You Control Your Anger?” One of the hidden secrets found in many churches and Christian homes today is a violent temper and outburst of anger. Dr. Magruder’s messages, along with those expounded by the conference panel of speakers, challenged the men to roar for their family, ministry, business, and future.
Men's Conference 2008 Conference Pictures


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