Sunday, November 05, 2006

Templo Esmirna A/G 17th Anniversary
Rev. Jay Alfaro had the honor of preaching to the congregation of Templo Esmirna A/G in Dallas, TX., who was celebrating their 17th anniversary of Ministry in Oak Cliff. The celebration was on Oct. 21-22,2006 Sat -Sun. Sat. service was lead by the youth ministry worship team and many participations by several young people. After Sun Morn. service there was a Luncheon regconizing the Pastor's service to the Church. The banquet included some good "Fajitas" and some good Mexican Food. The food was accompanied by special music from "Los Gentiles".
Rev. Jay Alfaro Fri. night service sermon was "Generation Lazuraus". The Generation that will see the "Glory of God" manifested. A young man from the youth group played Lazuraus. Sun Night Sermon was on "not losing your axhead", which represented the anointing on your life and the anointing that rest on the church. This message was taken from 1Kings, where the young prophets lose the axhead in the river and Elijah makes it float. Pastor Salomon Monterroso-Senior Pastor of Templo Esmirna A/G, 1523 Beckley Ave. Dallas, TX 75224. Pastor Monterroso started in a home 17 yrs. ago with just a couple of people and now is a dynamic thriving church. Pastor Monterroso and his whole Family Rev. Jay & Melissa Alfaro with the Youth and Youth Pastors of Templo Esmirna, after Sunday night Service. Elmer Monterroso- Youth Pastor Templo Esmirna Banquet Luncheon after Sun. morn. service.