Tuesday, December 19, 2006

JAM Ministries Banquet- Decatur Civic Center
Each year J.A.M. Ministries holds their annual Partner’s Leadership Banquet for various Pastors, Ministers, Church Leaders, and Business Professionals. This year’s banquet was held on December 2nd at the Decatur Civic Center in Decatur, Texas. During this gathering God’s people united together in order to celebrate God’s faithfulness in 2006 and receive direction and impartation for 2007. With a group of over 100 guests, the banquet aura was encumbered by diversity as various church , ministries, nations & cultures. Throughout the evening, the body of Christ was uplifted by the worship ministry of Mighty Wind Worship Band from Waco, Texas. The group was under the direction of Minister Pauli Ramos. Following a time of fellowship, worship, and awards and recognition, the body of Christ was encouraged and challenged by the profound and anointed administration of the word imparted by Shepherdess Dr. Karen Taylor, Pastor of Sabbath Day Journey Christian Center in Desoto, Texas. Dr. Taylor brought forth a powerful message entitled “Tonight We Tangle: The Two Natures of Man” found in the explication of Genesis 25:19-34; 27:18-40. The following is a summation of Dr. Taylor’s message: “Jacob’s name meant trickster, deceiver, and heel-grabber . . . The Bible lets us know that you don’t have to be a trickster. You don’t have to be a deceiver. You don’t have to be a heel-grabber if you are willing to get in the fight. Say ‘Tonight we tangle.’ Jacob’s name got changed to Israel because he went up to a place called Peniel, meaning face of God. If any of you dare to make a change you’re going to have to get into the face of God. That’s the only place where he will change you to the extent that your walk is changed . . . When you get tired of being stressed and tired of listening to the lies of the enemy and believing his report. When you become turbulent. When you get tired of being in that place then you are going to break the flesh’s hold off of your neck because if Jacob doesn’t change, he will be in the same place next year.” The message was followed by an altar call as Dr. Taylor began to minister prophetically to the various needs and situations of different Pastors, Ministers, and Leaders. Signs and wonders were evident and the power of God that was felt that evening carried over into various Sunday morning services. Praise reports poured in on Sunday afternoon notifying J.A.M. Ministries of how the power of God had manifested in their Sunday morning services in a powerful way. In recapping the highlights of the event with Rev. Jay Alfaro, he stated, “Only the anointing and the Word of God can unify the body of Christ beyond titles, professions, cultures, and backgrounds. In him, we are not black or white, business executive or housekeeper. We are the children of God! We are honored to be able to bless our partners with this annual banquet and give back to them for their support and prayers. It is our desire, as our mission statement exemplifies, to reach all peoples and all nations in all places for the glory of God.. It is for them that we continue to seek the face of God for our partners and the future of J.A.M. Ministries.” Today, J.A.M. Ministries has been extended to ministry to young girls, age 12-25 through the avenue of an annual Princess Conference. Young ladies are mentored and ministered to in the various areas of building character, dating and relationships, purity, overcoming past abuse, and college planning. Also, J.A.M. Ministries is an advocate for higher education. Each semester they award a $500 Young Leaders Scholarship to one male and one female college student. In addition, J.A.M. Ministries will launch their first Lion Men’s Conference this year. This ministry was designed to cultivate holiness and integrity in men through accountability, fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. For more information in regards to J.A.M. Ministries or the different facets of this ministry, feel free to visit their website at http://www.jamministriesonline.org/ (scroll down for more pictures) Ministry Awards & Giveaways Lion Givers Awards & Armor-BearerAward Pastor Fitch (Hilltop A/G) opening Prayer Rev. Jay & Melissa Alfaro Pauli Ramos & Mighty Wind Worship Band (Waco,TX) David Alfaro - Armor-Bearer Award (for his Scholarship Endowment) Rev. Frank Solis - Lion Giver Award Pastor Louie Borjas - Lion Giver Award Pastor Aaron Antillon - Lion Giver Award Pastor Noe Gonzalez- Lion Giver Award Robert Gonzalez - Lion Giver Award Dr. Karen Taylor