Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"No More Dead Lions" Men's Fellowship Breakfast Meeting. Joe T. Garcias Mexican Restaurant, FT Worth, TX. Sept. 9, 2006 10:00 am Sat. Morn
Joe T. Garcias Mexican Restaurant (the cafe/Panaderia "Esperanzas") in Fort Worth, TX is one of my favorite restaurants in Texas. If ever in FT Worth, drop in.
"No Dead Lions" Mens Breakfast Group Leaders: Overseer of Men's Breakfast-Rev. Jay Alfaro. {Left: Aaron Romero, Pastor Aaron Antillon-North group Leader(Grand Prarie,TX), Pastor Jesus Tovar-East group Leader (Oak Cliff, TX), Pastor Noe Gonzalez- South group Leader (Alvarado,TX), Rev. Jay Alfaro-West group Leader (Rhome, TX): Right}

"No More Dead Lions" Men's Fellowship Breakfast Sept. 9, 2006 (10am) Sat. Morn. at Joe T. Garcias Mexican Restaurant F. T. Worth, TX. JAM Ministries is partnering alongside with other churches and ministries to start a Men's Fellowship Breakfast. This ministry is an accountability group for men and leaders who are seeking to fellowship with other men to keep themselves accountable to God and to each other. The Mens Breakfast is a Para Church Ministry in the Metroplex of Dallas/F.T. Worth TX, gathering together for a time of fellowship, prayer, discussion & some good breakast food. The title was taken from Ecc. 9:4 "better a living dog than a dead lion." We are using the lion analogy, as a symbol of manhood. The lion represent power, dominion, and rule. Men by nature are rulers, and we tend to do whatever it takes to reach the pinnacle of success. Get to the top. Become the best and the strongest. We hope through this ministry we can provide an avenue for men to see the big picture, as they climb the ladder of success. Men that can lead but also serve. Serve their God, families, communities, and churches. Provide a balance in their Spiritual life, Identity, Manhood, Integrity, Priorities and Goals. Our vision is to create a brotherhood for men and leaders to bond with God and with other men and leaders. Providing a covering and shelter for men to find refuge and not let the adversary kill the lion in them.